Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Buona Società

Time Out New York gave us a great, great shout out in this weeks issue, and took some beautifulphotos, like the one pictured to the right. Just as flattering, they put is in company with some of our favorite pizza places in New York (yes, we can enjoy other people's pies!). We've posted our favorite part of the review, and make sure to pick up this week's copy of TONY:

The man guarding this inferno is Michele Sceral, a graduate of the venerable Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani. Ever the apt pupil, Sceral displays a slavish attention to detail: The tomatoes are San Marzano specimens; the cheese is a milky, low-water Italian import (buffalo is available for an additional $5). Even the H20 used in the dough has been considered—Sceral uses filtered water, which he says helps control overbubbling of the crust.

The pies, if not your sweat glands, are the better for all that heat. They emerge from their turns in the oven (each pie makes two to three 30-second rotations) with a crisp yet elastic crust. The low moisture of the mozzarella keeps the cheese from pooling, and the sauce expertly balances sugar and acid. Sceral is a hard-line traditionalist, so take your cues from him and stick to the classics when ordering. The Margherita pie is exemplary...

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