Tuesday, March 31, 2009


New York Magazine's Melissa Hom took some beautiful photos of Tonda for their First Look feature that ran on the site last week. And, they were kind enough to let us show you some on the blog.




That last amazing picture is of our Shrimp, Arugula, and Parmigiano Pizza. Thanks to New York Magazine, and go here to see the rest of Melissa's wonderful pictures.

Monday, March 30, 2009

L'uomo dietro la pizza

We've spent so much time talking about the pizza, that we've barely given a shout to the man behind Tonda, Bob Giraldi. bobBob is the renaissance man of the New York restaurant world. A Pratt graduate, a "Mad Men" ad-exec in the 60's, a professor at SVA, a commercial and music video director (Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battefield" and Michael Jackson's "Beat It", heard of either of those?), and now, one of the most prolific restaurateurs in New York. With Jo-Jo, Jean-Georges, Vong (and its London and Hong Kong outposts), Patria, BREADTribeca and Diablo Royale on his resume, New York just wouldn't taste the same without him. His expansive creativity allows him to not only provide the best food, but the best visuals as well. Bob directed a commercial for Tonda last night himself. Look out for it on NBC LXTV (and a video of it here on the blog). There were over a hundred people there to join the celebration.

Photo by Daniel Krieger

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We opened last night to three cheers and lots of good people. And everything went off without Tondaa hitch. We even noticed Luigi grabbing pizzas from the oven himself to drop off at tables, and it looked like a lot of fun. And yes, we got a chance to take a break from all the action and grab a bite at the bar (in case you were wondering, we had the Pesto pizza and a glass of red). Eater got a chance to come in yesterday right before we opened and Amanda and their crew took some really beautiful photos for Eater Inside. The New York Times showed us a little love too. It seems people are taking notice, we hope you will too.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Il giorno

Well, today's the day. Tonda is open. Its still cold out, still just the promise of warm weather, and a great day to shareTonda a pizza (like the Margherita Pizza, shown to the right) and a bottle of wine. We invite you to do that at Tonda. We're open promptly at 5:30, perfect for you 9-5ers, and we'll be serving until midnight, suitable for the many all-nighters of the East Village. We look forward to seeing you.

Some New York Love

Urban Daddy, one of our favorite sources for restaurant news on the web, showed us some serious love yesterday to gear up for our opening. In addition to the beautiful photos they took, which we've included in this post, they had these wonderful things to say about us:

"...We'd love to stand by our on-the-record statement that booze is better than pizza, but at that point we hadn't tried the authentic Neapolitan pies from Tonda. And we're here to report that they're cooking up something special in the East Village. Below, our first look inside the new pizza hotness, opening tomorrow for dinner and in the coming week for take-out and delivery.

With a slew of recent pizza openings, and a neighborhood chock full of chesty pie-slingers (Una Pizza Napoletana, Artichoke, Luzzo's), you know that the folks behind Tonda (a partnership between the Bread and Mercer Kitchen honchos) had to do something big to bring the heat… so they literally brought the heat.

The glorious centerpiece of the whole operation is their $30,000 slow-rotating 1,000-degree wood-burning pizza oven, sitting in full view of your table. And naturally, the Naples native (say hi to Michele when you drop by) they shipped in to tame the flames.

What that means for you is piping hot thin crust masterpieces (your first move should be the pesto/potato/string bean or the beef carpaccio/arugula/shaved parmigiano), washed down with a little Brunelli, all taken in a rustic room reminiscent of a modern farmhouse with whitewashed brick walls, black and white photos and a skylight above to keep things on the airy side..."

Thanks Urban Daddy!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Apertura Grande

Sorry we've been M.I.A. recently, but things have been pretty busy trying to get Tonda open and ready to serve. Well, it's finally here. Tonda will open tomorrow, March 24, 2009, at 5 PM SHARP. We've tried everything on the menu, had as many red wines as white, and we're ready to go. Bring an appetite, and watch Maestro Michele Sceral artfully whip your Neapolitan pizza into the oven, and even more importantly, onto your table.

To the right you'll see the art work that we just put on the walls, from artist Alberto Guglielmi, because as much time as we spent on all the delicious food, we also paid careful attention to the decor (note the beautiful Fornasetti stencils on the wall). We hope you're as impressed with how we look as you are with the food we serve.

We'll look forward to welcoming you to the table and you welcoming us to the neighborhood. The welcomes have started already, too, with Time Out New York giving us kudos and New York even running a beautiful picture in their Openings section (article pictured left).

Thanks all, and we hope to see you very, very soon.