Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dopo la cena

When you open a Neapolitan pizzeria in the heart of New York City, most of the attention is, of course, on the pizza. Which is perfectly and understandably fine, except that we'd think it a shame if people missed out on dessert & coffee. So let us remind you to order dessert and coffee (like the Tiramisu, to the left, which is as light as a feather). We had a decaf cappucino last night that relocated us right to Italy. And that might be because all of Tonda's coffee, even the dainty cups that its served in, come straight from Segafredo Zanetti, the leading Espresso producer in Italy. Its so good, Tonda could stand alone as a cafe. That doesn't mean we'll stop serving pizza, it just means you have more options.

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