Monday, May 4, 2009

Cucina di Estate

We love pizza in the summer as much as anyone. In fact, so much is pizza associated with our youthful school vacation daliances that we can hardly separate the two. Little league pizza parties, anyone? But we're adults now, we've experienced New York City in balmy Augusts, and sometimes the heat leaves us wanting something a bit lighter for our plates. So we thought we'd remind everyone that while we'd never stop serving up our pizzas for kids at heart, of any age, we have some lighter fare for those upcoming summer heat waves.

First up is our Seafood Salad. Nothing satisfies us quicker on a scorching day than seafood:

Next is a salad of a different sort. Less seafood, more mixed greens, black olives, and cherry tomatos. But because Mediteraneans have learned over centuries that a little sea food goes a long, refreshing way, we top of the Haricots Verts with Italian Tuna:

You still need a morning cup, even in the summer, so why not a Brunch-time cappucino mixed with cooling Greek Yogurt and Granola:

And lastly, here's something that requires no appetite at all. Our Frappes, like this Mixed Berry version, are cold enough to stop the heat:

These choices, our variety of beers (try the Lucky Beer in the green Buddha bottles), white wines, and proseccos, and our wide open, airy windows, we hope to keep you cool summer.

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