Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We know the East Village has most everything you need in life, but, at times, there is incentive to trek elsewhere sometimes. Case in point, the first restaurant that Bob Giraldi collaborated on with the boys from Bread, Luigi Comandatore and Dario Milanin, BREADTribeca. Located on Church Street, right off of 6th Avenue, BREADTribeca opened in 2003 as the older brother to the original Spring St. outpost, Bread. Its the restaurant where the three guys first merged their culinary and aesthetic tastes, a mix of old world and brand new, BREADTribeca might serve as a nice appetizer for those who just can't wait for Tonda to open in March. Not to mention that Frommer's took notice of the "wood-burning oven [that] turns out excellent thin-crust pizzas and roasted meats". Wait until they see what kind of pizza oven we've got cooked up for Tonda.


  1. cant wait till you guys open. can we have an exact date please?

  2. Thanks Food Snob,

    We'll open tomorrow, March 24, at 5 PM!